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Hagstrom, John

Athyrium filix femina 'Cristatum' (Crested Lady Fern), fern, pinnae

digital color photograph 
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Photographic image
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2005 – 2012
Athyrium filix femina 'Cristatum' (Crested Lady Fern), deciduous fern that features lacy-cut erect or ascending 2-3-pinnate or pinnatifid finely-divided lanceolate light green fronds which grow in a dense circular shuttlecock-like clump to 2-3' tall, fronds (leaves) have twenty to thirty pairs of elliptic non-opposite pinna (leaflets) with narrow pointed tips, pinnae are divided into deeply-cut lanceolate to oblong pinnules (subleaflets), sori and indusia are found on the undersides of the pinnules, 'Cristatum', commonly called crested lady fern is noted for having crisped (wavy or crinkled) pinnules which are crested (tassled) at the ends