• Arisaema dracontium (Green Dragon), leaves, upper surface
  • Pinus aristata Engelm. (Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine), branches
  • Quercus rubra (northern red oak), emerging flowers and leaves detail
  • Opuntia fragilis (Nutt.) Haw. (little prickly-pear),  flower, stamens
  • Elizabeth "Sody" Zimmerman seated in grass with other people
  • Fraxinus nigra Marsh. (black ash), leaves, fall color
  • Acer campestre 'BAllee' (JADE PATINA™ FIRST EDITION® series Hedge Maple), leaf, new
  • Malus 'Pumpkin Pie' (Pumpkin Pie Crabapple), bark, twig
  • Taxus cuspidata 'Klehm's Spreader' (Klehm's Spreader Japanese Yew), leaf, summer
  • Sporobolus heterolepis (A. Gray) A. Gray (prairie dropseed), growth habit

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