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Morton Arboretum Photographic Project (MAPP) Collection

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The original title of the photograph project is MAPP (Morton Arboretum Photographic Program). From 2005-2012, John Hagstrom, Jeff Franklin, and other Arboretum volunteers set out to photograph all flora associated with The Morton Arboretum, including the following characteristics: total shape, outline, form etc.; closeup of leaf, branch, flower, fruit, pod or cone, and bud; and bark. It was also decided that all four seasons should be considered as the plant so evolves. To do so required that the team go through the entire Plant Catalog as, supplied by Ed Hedborn (Plant Records Manager), to locate each and every plant on the grounds (using tag coordinates), and then use professional level cameras and lenses to shoot all the characteristics.

MAPP continued in the field 3 to 5 times a week and an equal amount of time was spent processing and editing the photos. Over 105,000 photos were taken, which resulted in close to 13,000 finished images. The program is not yet complete, but was last active in 2012. 

This collection also includes the Collection of John Hagstrom Images, which can be found here


2005 – 2012

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