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Appendices to 1990 Conservation Project Application



Various documents labeled as appendices, likely part of an application for the 1990 Conservation Project: Survey of South Perimeter Collections.

Appendix 1: A brochure for The Morton Arboretum
Appendix 2: A map showing the different collections of the south perimeter: junipers, crabapples, Crabapple Lake, street trees, Etter Marsh, and oak forest.
Appendix 4: An article from the Environmental Contamination Second International Conference titled, "Deicing Salt and Heavy Metal Dispersion from an Urban Expressway onto Long-Undisturbed Ecosystems in Northern Illionis, USA" by P.D. Kelsey and R.G. Hootman.
Appendix 5: An article by G.S. Wilhelm, J.W. Simmers, J.M. Marquenie, and P.D. Kelsey titled, "Earthworm Bioassay Procedures to Evaluate the Extent of Aerially Dispersed Lead and Cadmium in an Urban Arboretum."
Appendix 6: Objectives: What We Will Do and Who Will Do It
Appendix 7: Budget for 1990 Conservation Project: Survey of South Perimeter Collections
Appendix 8: Curriculum Vitae for George Ware, Richard Hootman, Patrick Kelsey, Gerould Wilhelm, and Duane Henry.


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