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Dulcey Lima is a nature photographer and has been capturing The Morton Arboretum’s natural
beauty for over 15 years. Since 2008, she has volunteered as a Bloom Monitor, in the
Children’s Garden, and more recently has photographically documented the plants in the East
Woods and Schulenberg Prairie. Since she was a little girl, nature has always been her
touchstone. Melding The Arboretum’s beauty with the creativity of photography provides her
with a mediative experience and physical documentation of what she has seen.

Prior to retiring, Dulcey was a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Orthotist, a person who
creates custom orthopedic braces for adults and children with orthopedic and neurological
challenges. Those skills contribute to the way she “sees” as a photographer, assesses the
landscape and eclectically arrives at a composition that creatively communicates the essence of
the subject.

Dulcey’s photography includes landscapes, macro images, animals and insects. She also
captures images of visually appealing structures like the details of Thornhill, sculptures and
special events at The Arboretum like Illumination or Children’s Garden activities.

She is grateful that the ACORN database provides her with a way to share her images globally,
and is thankful to both Rita Hassert and Danielle Nowak for providing her with this opportunity.

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