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Morton Family, Morton, Julius Sterling



* Photos of Julius Sterling in Nebraska
* Newspaper clips from Kearney, Nebraska 
* Reprints from The National Cyclopaedia of Ammerican Biography that references Julius Sterling Morton
* A brief typed bio of Julius.
* A black and white postcard of home that will be sold
* Printed bibliography (3 copies) in which J.S. Morton's works are cited
* Copy of Burlington Bulletin in which J. Sterling and Paul Morton are pictured and spoken of.
* Photos of Arbor Lodge in Nebraska
* Photos of J. Sterling Morton
* December 1948 copy of "Nebraska History," published by the Nebraska State Historical Society
* Bookmarks noting J. Sterling's birth, death, photo.
* Newspaper articles from Nebraska
* Article on Arbor Day
* Article from 1976 on remodeling of Arbor Lodge
* Personal letter from Sterling Morton to Miss Bernice Kerr, April 6, 1949
* Text on Arbor Lodge State Historical Park

Collection Contents