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Prairie and Wetland Plant Community Profiles



These Natural Community Profiles represent data collected by the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory (INAI) in 1976 from relatively undisturbed Chicago region prairies (N = 72 ) and wetlands (N = 31), as well as supplementary data from a few more recently recognized sites. This data base provides a regional model for species and community distribution along substrate and moisture gradients, and thus a framework for community management and restoration. The prairie and wetland data below are organized into a community classification developed by the INAI.

Each prairie and wetland profile is based on analysis of species frequencies from 20-30 1/4m-sq plots, provided as mean frequencies for multiple data sets. Each profile indicates the INAI site number and quality grade (primarily A or B), as well as summary statistics produced by the "Row and Column Summary" on PCORD. Mean Native Plot Richness is also provided.

Following summaries for dominant native graminoid, forb, and woody species, and then by mean individual species frequencies. Nomenclature and abbreviations follow Swink & Wilhelm (Plants of the Chicago Region. 1994. Indiana Academy of Science).