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Property Rights Conveyed. Sale to Standard T. Chemical Co., Inc. 2/2



A folder containing:
  • Correspondence dealing with 1973 tax bills for parcels 58-001, 61-001, and 1972-002
  • Public Notice of annexation of The Morton Arboretum ropery on Warrenville Road
  • Correspondence from Marion T. Hall stating Village of Lisle Planning Commission approved application for Annexation
  • Correspondence dealing with the Village of Lisle Planning Commission and The Morton Arboretum
  • Correspondence between Village of Lisle and The Morton Arboretum about the annexation of the property on Warrenville Road
  • Correspondence about Commonwealth Edison's petition for Annexation and newspaper public notice with the Village of Lisle
  • Morton Arboretum answers on the application to the Village of Lisle Plan Commission form for a research and development facility
  • Pre- Annexation Agreement between Morton Arboretum and Northern Illinois Gas Company and the Village of Lisle
  • Draft of application for annexation with Village of Lisle
  • Law firm  requesting a meeting about the annexation and zoning matters
  • Correspondence about proposed real estate contract between the Morton Arboretum "Seller" and Standard T Chemical Company "Purchaser"
  • Suggestions for revisions and revisions of proposed contract between The Morton Arboretum and Standard T Chemical Company
  • Correspondence with Marion T. Hall about fertilization of shade trees
  • Marion T. Hall acceptance letter of revised draft of contract with Standard T Chemical Company
  • Invoice from Chicago Title and Trust Co. to The Morton Arboretum
  • Handwritten notes about annexation of land
These documents can be made available at the Sterling Morton Library. To make an appointment, contact the Sterling Morton Library staff by following the link here.


early 1970s Date created


120 pages