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Bowles, Marlin - Publications (folder 1)



Publications authored by Marlin Bowles between 1986-1997.
  • Bowes, Marlin L.,  Marcella M. DeMauro and Ronald D. Hiebert. 1986.   Endangered Plant Inventory and Monitoring Strategies at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.   Natural Areas Journal  Vol. 6, No. 1, 6 pages.
  • Bowes, Marlin L., Charles J. Sheviak.  1986.  The Prairie Fringed Orchids : A Pollinator-Isolated Species Pair.  Rhodora, Vol. 88, No. 854, pp. 267-290.  (3 copies)
  • Bowes, Marlin L. and Kris R. Bachtell, Marcella M. DeMauro, Larry G. Sykora and Cesar R. Bautista.  1988.  Propagation Techniques Used in Establishing a Greenhouse Population of Astragalus tennesseensis Gray.  National Areas Journal Vol. 8 (2), pp. 121-122.
  • Announcement in the Morton Arboretum News, Winter 1990 about Marlin L. Bowes' project about restructuring 2 rare types of Illinois prairies. p.6
  • Bowes, Marlin L. and Steven I. Apfelbaum.  1989.  Effects of Land Use and Stochastic Events on the Heart-Leaved Plantain (Plantago cordata Lam.) in an Illinois Steam System.  National Areas Journal Vol. 9 (2), pp. 90-101.  (2 copies)
  • Project announcement about Mead's milkweed involving propagation techniques.  1991.  Outdoor Highlights, Vol. 19, No. 1, p.5.
  • Bowles, Marlin L.  et al (8 other names).  1991.  Rarely Seen Endangered Plants, Rediscoveries, and Species New to Illinois.  Erigenia No. 11, March, pp. 27-51.
  • Bowles, Marvin L.  1991.  Some Aspects of the Status and Ecology of Seven Rare Wetland Plant Species in the Chicago Region of North Eastern Illinois.  Erigenia No. 11, March, pp. 52-66.
  • Bowles, Marlin L. 1991.  Wolf Road Prairie - How it Can Survive.  The Prairie Pointer, Summer 1991. 2 pages.
  • Bowles, Marlin L. , Max D. Hutchison, and Jeanette L. McBride.  1994.  Landscape Pattern and Structure of Oak Savanna, Woodland, and Barrens in Northeastern Illinois at the Time of European Settlement.  Proceedings of the North American Conference on Savannas and Barrens, 5 pages.  (2 copies)
  • Dunn, Christopher D., Marlin L.  Bowles, George B. Rabb, and Kris S. Jarantoski.  1997.  Endangered Species "Hot Spots".  Science, Vol. 276, April 25, 1997,1 page.
  • Bowles, Marlin, Christopher Dunn, and Jenny McBride.  1997.  Saving Pieces of Nature at the Morton Arboretum.  The Illinois Steward Vol. 6, No. 3, Fall, pp. 7-10.
  • Bowles, Marlin L.  1988.  The Status of Seven Wetland Plant Species in Northeastern Illinois.  29 pages.
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