Bur Reed Marsh

Landmarks, 2.59511
Named for the wetland plant that grows near its center, Bur Reed Marsh is one of The Morton Arboretum's many natural wetlands. A seasonal wetland, it is flooded with runoff from the surrounding area in the spring, but it is often completely dry by late summer. During the spring and early summer, it is home to a variety of wildlife including turtles, salamanders, frogs, and snails. Additionally, migratory birds use it as a place to rest and feed. Bur Reed Marsh also is important for flood control and water quality. It stores up water during moist periods in order to release it to the surrounding area during dry spells. Gifts from the Arboretum's volunteers and guides funded a boardwalk for Bur Reed Marsh in the early 2000s, which allows visitors to experience the marsh without disturbing the plants and wildlife that thrive there. The marsh is located on the Arboretum's East Side along Loop 2 of the Main Trail.