Betz, Robert F.

Individual, 2.11899
Alternate Name
Betz, Bob
Vital dates
1923 – 2007 lived
Research Associate - The Morton Arboretum (1981-2006)
Dr. Robert Betz initiated the prairie restoration at Fermilab near Batavia, Illinois, a project that began in 1975 and which has grown in size and scope over the decades. Betz, at the time a professor at Northeastern Illinois University, along with Ray Schulenberg of The Morton Arboretum, led a team of volunteers and Fermilab employees in the restoration of an initial ten acres. The prairie, now named for Dr. Betz, stretches to more than one thousand acres.

Dr. Betz was widely acknowledged as an expert in prairie restoration and preservation, and he travelled across the state of Illinois looking for intact prairie, then convincing the landowners to preserve the prairie as it was, rather than removing it and using the land for crops.

In addition to his teaching career, Dr. Betz served as a Research Associate at The Morton Arboretum, where he wrote Prairie Plants of the Chicago Region, a 14-page booklet published by the Arboretum in 1965.
Source of Biography
Trebe, Patricia. "Friend of Illinois prairies." Chicago Tribune, April 18, 2007. p.10