Kammerer, E. Lowell

Individual, 2.5170
Alternate Name
Kammerer, Edward Lowell
Kammerer, Lowell
Vital dates
1906 – 1966 lived
Botanical Assistant - The Morton Arboretum (1929-1930)
Arboriculturist - The Morton Arboretum (1930-1956)
Curator of Collections - The Morton Arboretum (1957-1966)
E. Lowell Kammerer began work at The Morton Arboretum in March of 1929 as the Botanical Assistant. He progressed to Arboriculturist and then finally to Curator of Collections until he passed away in 1966. He served in the Army during World War II from 1943-1945 during which time his position as Arboriculturist was held for him.