Bachtell, Kris

Individual, 2.5222
Propagator - The Morton Arboretum (1981-1986)
Propagator/Nursery Manager - The Morton Arboretum (1986-1989)
Collections Group Administrator/Horticulturist - The Morton Arboretum (1989-1992)
Collections Director, Plant Collections - The Morton Arboretum (1992-1994)
Director of Collections and Grounds -The Morton Arboretum (1995-2008)
Director of Collections and Facilities - The Morton Arboretum (2008-2010)
Vice President of Collections and Facilities - The Morton Arboretum (2010-2023)
Vice President of Collections and Horticulture - The Morton Arboretum (2023-current)
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Kris Bachtell
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Bachtell, Kris - Publications
Bachtell, Kris - Publications (folder 2)