Children's Garden

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2005 created
One of the most popular attractions at The Morton Arboretum is the four-acre Children's Garden, which opened in September 2005 to encourage kids to explore and appreciate the natural world. With more than 180 types of trees and shrubs, children can discover the wide range of shapes, sizes, and textures of trees and their leaves. The garden's two main areas, Backyard Discovery Gardens and Adventure Woods, are linked by a Central Plaza. Altogether there are ten themed gardens with hands-on activities such as the Every Which Way Garden, Evergreen Lookout, and Wonder Pond. As part of the Growing Brilliantly campaign, a new walkway with additional seating and shade was constructed around Wonder Pond in 2018, so that more visitors could enjoy the stepping stones and the pond's plant and animal life. The garden's staff and volunteer support building was also expanded at that time.

In 2017 Sue Wagner, The Morton Arboretum's vice president of education and information from 2009-2019, praised the garden's achievements:

The idea behind the Children's Garden was to create a safe, natural space where kids could have fun using their senses to explore trees, plants, and ecosystems, and take risks in the outdoors in ways that previous generations took for granted. We had great hope for the garden before it opened. In reality, it's been even more successful than we anticipated.