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Lobdell, Matt

Exploratory Evaluation of the Korea Collection

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To explore opportunities to more actively evaluate plants within The Morton Arboretum's collections, the author completed a trial in the Korea collection in 2021. The author reviewed one genus at a time. Most of the observations occurred during early-mid summer, during or slightly after flowering for most species.
Additionally, the author queried the database for existing observations, these consisted primarily of:
● Inventory checks
● Some maintenance comments (but rarely acted upon)
● Phenology records, which are difficult to access or reference in this format
● Some pest/disease observations, though specifics about how the diagnosis was made are often lacking

Even evaluating one collection during a year is a significant undertaking. Many of these comments are still rather “surface level” and don’t reflect in depth knowledge of the plant throughout the year. Future efforts may be more successful if they focus on one genus or an otherwise smaller number of species. Probably better to have in depth knowledge of fewer species rather than surface level analysis of many (especially if recommendations are to be made based on results).
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Korea Collection
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Matt Lobdell