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Godshalk, Clarence E.

1955/08/31: Clarence E. Godshalk to Sterling Morton

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August 31 1955
Letter from Clarence E. Godshalk to Sterling Morton. When the Gravely tractor arrives, he will have the local representative bring out the attachments they want to try. Sunbeam sent one of their tape crawling sprinklers out to try. He wants to compare it to National Manufacturing and General Tractor. The Sunbeam features: 1) a dial to set the diameter of spray from 5-50 feet. 2) anchor the tape out 100 feet and the sprinkler will follow and shut off when it reaches the anchor. 3) strong pulling power on the hose. 4) at large diameter the spray arches over shrubs. 5) it will not go in curves, as the tape must be straight. The first floor concrete has been poured for the Administration Building, and the chimney has been taken down to the second floor ceiling to prepare for the roof. Sites for South Farm building are prepared. He is making a study of the entire Arboretum because permanent boundaries could be near, for the first time. He has a map to present to the Trustees, but wants to discuss it first with Morton. Godshalk and his wife will not be able to attend the dedication of the building at Northwestern, but he looks forward to seeing it at a later date.
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