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Events, News, & Classes: Winter 1986

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A digitized version of the Winter 1986 Events, News, & Classes Newsletter. This issue features events such as a discussion on the "The Romance of Botanical Names" and "Resource Conservation in an Urban Environment". There was a field trip to watch bald eagles in Savanna, IL. Charles A. Lewis, the Arboretum's Collections Group Administrator, was honored with the G.B. Gunslogson Medal for "the creative use of home gardening in benefiting people-plant relationships and the future of American life" from the American Horticultural Society.  The woody plant collections were to be computerized.  A new maple, 'Marmo', was introduced.  Members were also encourage to write Lt. Governor George Ryan to advocate for the development of a lake on the Danada Forrest Preserve as part of the Briarcliff Flood Control Program.
Winter 1986
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