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Watts, May Theilgaard

January Calendar

Pen and black ink on cream board with black, tan, and brown marker and some watercolor.
Digitization Status
73.8 cm W x 58.4 cm H (Item)
71 cm W x 57.1 cm H (Platemark or image size)
1 sheet
Date created
Calendar for the month of January consisting of five rows and seven columns depicting days and dates from Sunday through Saturday, the 1st through the 31st. Each square has a date plus illustration and text, some of which anticipates the coming Spring and some which show reminders of the past year.

Header: January

Text and illustrations, from top to bottom, left to right:
  • (Friday, 1) [image of dogwood stems and buds] flowering dogwood is ready for Spring
  • (Saturday, 2) [image of hemlock needles and cones] small cones drip from the hemlock tips - 
  • (Sunday, 3) [image of unidentified stems and fruit]
  • (Monday, 4) [image of one chickadee and a birdhouse]
  • (Tuesday, 5) [image of two chickadees and a birdhouse] chikca-dees stay to crack their seeds
  • (Wednesday, 6) [image of evergreen needles and star magnolia stems and buds] star mag-nolia buds are pale against evergreens
  • (Thursday, 7) [image of long-eared owl on branch of Norway spruce] long-eared owls look down from Norway spruce trees
  • (Friday, 8) [image of 2 pellets on ground beneath evergreen branch] 2 pellets under an owl roost contain skeletons of 2 deer mice
  • (Saturday, 9) [image of small animal bones on ground] when an owl pellet is pulled apart, evidence of sudden death is re-vealed
  • (Sunday, 10) [image of euonymus stems and fruit] Euonymus still holds some of the "little hearts bursting with love"
  • (Monday, 11) [image of birch stems, cones, and catkins] wind and birds have shattered birch cones but catkins are ready for Spring
  • (Tuesday, 12) [image of zumi crabapple stems and fruit] Zumi crabs still hold their fruit
  • (Wednesday, 13) [image of one cardinal and a birdhouse] the cardinal is back now that we have sunflower seeds again
  • (Thursday, 14) [images of canker-worms on a dogwood twig] on a dogwood twig, canker worms are ready for Spring
  • (Friday, 15) [images of evergreens and a hawthorn] hoar frost is on the hawthorns ---
  • (Saturday, 16) [image of redbud stems, buds, and fruit] on red-bud, flower buds are ready for next Spring, and pods recall last Spring's flowers
  • (Sunday, 17) [image of a bird on a tree branch]
  • (Monday, 18) [image of sycamore trunks and branches] sycamore bark
  • (Tuesday, 19) [image of trees and a trail] evergreen trail
  • (Wednesday, 20) [image of rhododendron stems and leaves] Rhododendron leaves pointing down say it's COLD!
  • (Thursday, 21) [image of a white Oak] white oaks hold last summer's leaves on lower branches
  • (Friday, 22) [image of a Norway spruce] Norway spruce holds long cones
  • (Saturday, 23) [image of pixie-cup lichens through a magnifying glass] there are Pixie-cup lichens in the spruce plot
  • (Sunday, 24) [image of two ostrich ferns] the fertile fronds of ostrich fern stand stiff and dark
  • (Monday, 25) [image of American cranberry-bush stems and fruit] high-bush cranberry wears puffs of snow
  • (Tuesday, 26) [image of winter wren in brush] the winter wren weaves through low brush
  • (Wednesday, 27) [image of hazel stems and catkins] hazel catkins feel softer
  • (Thursday, 28) [image of vernal witch-hazel and close-up of flower] vernal witch hazel is in bloom
  • (Friday, 29) [image of one set of raccoon tracks] raccoon tracks are plentiful after a mild night
  • (Saturday, 30) [image of two sets of deer mouse tracks with trail mark between] white-footed deer mouse hops past
  • (Sunday, 31) [image of three sets of Junco bird tracks] juncoes hop too
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