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Watts, May Theilgaard

Spring Wild Flowers of the Forest Floor: A Glossary of Terms Used in this Key

India ink on 4-ply cream board
Digitization Status
34.8 cm W x 55.4 cm H (Item)
29.4 cm W x 35.4 cm H (Platemark or image size)
1 sheet
Date created
Glossary of terms used for describing flowers, created to accompany "Spring Wild Flowers Of The Forest Floor At The Morton Arboretum" article featured in Morton Arboretum Bulletin of Popular Information. Includes illustrations of labeled flower parts from side and above in center of image, surrounded by identification images and labels of flowers, and an illustrated glossary of terms describing leaves across the bottom. 

Illustrations are divided into two sections, from top to bottom:

Section 1: Terms Used In Describing Flowers (illustrations from top to bottom, left to right)
  • calyx
  • corolla
  • irregular
  • panicle
  • petal
  • pistil
  • polypetalous
  • raceme
  • regular
  • sepal
  • stamen
  • style
  • sympetalous
  • umbel
Section 2: Terms Used In Describing Leaves (illustrations from top to bottom, left to right)
  • alternate
  • basat 
  • compound
  • entire margin
  • lobed
  • net-veined
  • opposite
  • parallel-veined
  • simple
  • toothed
  • whorled
Some terms and text originally adhered to board have detached and are housed with art.  
Appeared In
Morton Arboretum Bulletin Of Popular Information, Vol. 19, nos. 4 and 5, p. 13.