I-88 & Route 53 Intersection Landscape Plan NW Quadrant

Lisle, Illinois
computer-generated including two color photographs, tracing paper overlay with handwritten notes and drawings, handwritten notes on sticky notes;
Landscaping plans
Not yet digitized
91 cm W x 61 cm H (Item)
1 inch = 30 feet
1 sheet
November 5 2009
Planting plan and design for NW Quadrant of I-88 & Route 53 Intersection
2 sticky notes attached: "[1] Straight Rhus typhina or 'Laciniata' or Tiger Eyes [black ink], sub Rhus copallina var latifolia - 'Morton' [red ink], copallina [orange ink], symphoricarpos & chenaultii 'Hancock' - Erosion control [red ink]. [2] Interplant of Echinacea 'Pica Bella' and Solidago 'Witchita Mountains'"
East-West Tollway (I-88)
Landscape design
Route 53
Landscape Design