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Gravel, David
ehdd, inc.

I-88 & Route 53 Interchange Maintenance Plan [planting plan]

Publication Information
Lisle, Illinois
computer-generated, tracing paper overlay with handwritten notes and drawings, handwritten notes on sticky notes; Landscaping plans
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Not yet digitized
92 cm W x 61 cm H (Item)
1 inch = 50 feet (40'? marked in pencil)
1 sheet
Date created
September 23 2009
Planting plan with  notes on plant selection and design for I-88 & Route 53 Interchange.
9 sticky notes attached: "[1 near Crataegus crusgalli] won't handle salt well. Those on tollway have done well, but are protected from salt. [2 next to Hemerocalis 'Happy Returns'] might be best to use native herbaceous mix here [black ink] , coneflower, coreopsis, palmata, solidago [red ink]. [3 next to Rosa rugoso rubra] Rosa rugoso 'Wild Spice' has performed well in VC parking, Rosa virginiana is a good plant as well [both species circled in red] . [4 next to Miscanthus?] -very salt tolerant, but plant is becoming a concern, due to some invasive tendencies, - can use, but need to use late blooming varieties - or use Calamagrostis or Panicum. [5 near Aesculus hippocastanum] Maybe a little too coarse for spot? Syringa reticulata? or Syringa p[?] -Morton (china snow); Maybe a pocket of native herbaceous per. mix here too?. [6 near Betula ] I'm curious about Betula 'White Satin' if available - a Chicagoland Grows plant. [7 next to Acer F. 'Marmo and Juniper C. Kacklay] Poor fall color maybe use 'Autumn Fantasy' which has fantastic fall color or try Acer miyabei there - Only Juniper here? Would like to include native perennial mix. [8 near Rhus T 'Tiger Eyes'] Nice garden plant - hasn't been tested in tough conditions Rhus copallina var. latifolia 'Morton' (Prairie Flame) [circled in red] might be better. [9 ] Other plants to consider that have done well on Berm or on Rte 53: - Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diablo' - Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' - Panicum virgatum 'Northwind' - Juniperus chinensis 'Spartan'; Maybe worth trying for salt tolerance: Pinus flexilis"
Subject - keywords and LC headings
East-West Tollway (I-88)
Landscape design
Route 53