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General Information and Guide Map of The Morton Arboretum

Printed text and illustrations, black ink on cream paper
Digitization Status
50.2 cm W x 22 cm H (Item)
1 sheet
Date created
Doublesided brochure with general information and a guide map of The Morton Arboretum.

Guide map details Arboretum roads, trails, parking, plant collections, buildings and points of interest. Vegetation illustrated throughout map. Three stylized trees under compass showing directions north, south, east, west as well as scale indicator above top center of map.

Reverse side provides general information about the Arboretum, rules and regulations, outstanding features, buildings, Arboretum publications, and location.
Subject - keywords and LC headings
Land use
Administration Building
Arborvitae Collection
Aronia Group
Ash Collection
Balkan Group
Birch Family Collection
Bird Sanctuary
Buckthorn Family Collection
Cactus Garden
Caucasian Group
Cedar Point
China Collection
Cork Collection
Cotoneaster Collection
Crabapple Collection
Director's residence
Dogwood Collection
DuPage River (Ill.)
East Woods
Elm Collection
Euonymus Collection
European Forest Group
Evergreen Trail
Fern Collection
Fir Collection
Flowering Plum and Cherry Collection
Forest Nature Trail
Forest Road
Forestry Plots
Ground Cover Collection
Guide Maps
Hawthorn Collection
Hedge Collection
Honeysuckle Family Collection
Japan Collection
Juneberry Group
Juniper Collection
Lake Road
Lakeview Drive
Landscape Group
Lilac Collection
Linden Collection
Lotus Pond
Maple Collection
Meadow Road
Mockorange Collection
Oak Collection
Oakwood Drive
Odd Plants Collection
Park Boulevard
Pear Collection
Pine Collection
Pine Hill
Poplar Road
Private Service Road
Privet Collection
Quince Collection
Roosevelt Road (US 330)
Rose Collection
Route 53
Sargent's Glade
Siberian Group
Simonds Road
Spring Road
Spruce Collection
Spruce Forest
Spruce Hill
Sumac Collection
The Meadow
Thornhill Education Center
Thornhill Trail
Arboretum Bodies of Water
Arboretum Buildings and Stuctures
Arboretum Collections
Arboretum Residential Housing
Arboretum Landmarks
Arboretum Parking
Parking Lot 01 (P1)
Parking Lot 03 (P3)
Parking Lot 04 (P4)
Parking Lot 05 (P5)
Parking Lot 06 (P6)
Parking Lot 08 (P8)
Parking Lot 09 (P09)
Parking Lot 02 (P2)
Parking Lot 07 (P7)
Parking Lot 10 (P10)
Parking Lot 11 (P11)
Arboretum Roads
Arboretum Trails/Walking Paths
Valley Road
Viburnum Collection
Vine Collection
Wild Rose Collection
Yew Collection
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