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Tyznik, Anthony

A Guide Map of The Morton Arboretum

Digitization Status
16.9 cm W x 7 cm H (Item)
1 sheet
Date created
A guide map of The Morton Arboretum created by Tony Tyznik in 1969. The background is a dark green with the inner Arboretum being a light green and Arboretum roads highlighted in solid orange and checkered orange lines.
Subject - keywords and LC headings
Land use
Administration Building
Alder Collection
Arbor Lake
Arborvitae Collection
Ash Collection
Mountain Ash-Poplar Collection
Azalea Collection
Balkan Group
Beech Collection
Birch Family Collection
Bobolink Meadow
Brush Burning Area
Buckeye Collection
Buckthorn Family Collection
Bur Reed Marsh
Catalpa Collection
Caucasian Group
Cedar Point
China Collection
Colored Foliage Group
Columnar Trees Collection
Cork Collection
Crabapple Collection
Crabapple Trail
Cricket Hill
Demonstration Area
Director's residence
Dogwood Collection
Drainage Group
DuPage River (Ill.)
East-West Tollway (I-88)
East Woods
Elm Collection
Euonymus Collection
European Forest Group
Evergreen Drive
Experimental Area
Fern Collection
Fir Collection
Forest Nature Trail
Forest Road
Forestry Plots
Ground Cover Collection
Guide Maps
Hawthorn Collection
Hedge Collection
Hemlock Hill
Holly Collection
Japan Collection
Joy Path
Juneberry Group
Juniper Collection
Lacey Road
Lake Marmo
Lake Road
Larch Collection
Leask Lane
Legume Collection
Lilac Collection
Linden Collection
Magnolia Collection
Main Drive
Maple Collection
Meadow Lake
Meadow Road
Mulberry-Ailanthus Collection
Nut Tree Collection
Oak Collection
Oak Collection Parking
Oak Maple Climax Forest
Oakwood Drive
Park Boulevard
Persimmon Collection
Picnic areas
Pine Collection
Pine Hill
Plum and Cherry Group
Prairie Restoration Project
Public Service ROW
Puffer Lake
Puffer Lake Road
Remnant Prairie
Roosevelt Road (US 330)
Round Meadow Lane
Route 34 (Ogden Avenue)
Route 53
Sargent's Glade
Shrub Collection
Siberian Group
Simonds Road
South Farm
Spruce Collection
Spruce Hill
Spruce Plot
Sterling Pond
Street Trees Collection
Sumac Collection
Thornhill Education Center
Thornhill Trail
Arboretum Bodies of Water
Arboretum Buildings and Stuctures
Arboretum Collections
Arboretum Residential Housing
Arboretum Landmarks
Map Stations
Arboretum Parking
Parking Lot 01 (P1)
Parking Lot 03 (P3)
Parking Lot 04 (P4)
Parking Lot 05 (P5)
Parking Lot 06 (P6)
Parking Lot 08 (P8)
Parking Lot 09 (P09)
Parking Lot 12 (P12)
Parking Lot 14 (P14)
Parking Lot 15 (P15)
Parking Lot 16 (P16)
Parking Lot 17 (P17)
Parking Lot 18 (P18)
Parking Lot 19 (P19)
Parking Lot 20 (P20)
Parking Lot 21 (P21)
Parking Lot 22 (P22)
Parking Lot 23 (P23)
Parking Lot 24 (P24)
Parking Lot 24A (P24A)
Parking Lot 24B (P24B)
Parking Lot 25 (P25)
Parking Lot 26 (P26)
Parking Lot 27 (P27)
Parking Lot 29 (P29)
Parking Lot 30 (P30)
Parking Lot 31 (P31)
Parking Lot 32 (P32)
Parking Lot 33 (P33)
Parking Lot 34 (P34)
Parking Lot 36 (P36)
Parking Lot 37 (P37)
Parking Lot 38 (P38)
Parking Lot 02 (P2)
Parking Lot 07 (P7)
Parking Lot 11 (P11)
Parking Lot 13 (P13)
Parking Lot 28 (P28)
Arboretum Roads
Arboretum Trails/Walking Paths
University of Illinois
Valley Road
Viburnum Collection
Vine Collection
Warrenville Road
Willow Collection
Witch Hazel Collection
Yew Collection
Yucca Collection
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