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Map & Visitor Guide, The Morton Arboretum

Printed text, images and illustrations, black and green ink on white paper
Digitization Status
25.5 cm W x 16.5 cm H (Item)
1 sheet
Date created
1982 – 1986
Double-sided brochure, Map & Visitor Guide for The Morton Arboretum

Map details Arboretum roads, trails, plant collections, buildings and boundaries. Includes photographs of various Arboretum buildings with descriptive information.

Reverse side provides general information about the Arboretum, trails for walking and hiking, driving through the Arboretum, areas and collections of special interest, native plant communities, wildlife at the Arboretum, regulations, facilities and services, and information on membership. A section of the map is enlarged to identify landmarks around the Visitor Center, Administration Building, and Thornhill Education Center.
Subject - keywords and LC headings
Land use
Administration Building
Alder Collection
Appalachia Collection
Arbor Lake
Arborvitae Collection
Ash Collection
Balkan Group
Beech Collection
Big Rock
Big Rock Trail
Birch Family Collection
Box Family Collection
Buckeye Collection
Bur Reed Marsh
Cashew Family Collection
Catalpa Collection
China Collection
Coffee Shop
Colored Foliage Group
Columnar Trees Collection
Conifer Collection
Cool Garden
Crabapple Collection
Crowley Marsh
Central & Western Asia Collection
Diversity Collection
Dogwood Collection
DuPage River (Ill.)
Dwarf Beds
East-West Tollway (I-88)
East Woods
East Woods Trail
Eastern United States Wetlands Collection
Edgewood Drive
Elm Collection
Etter Marsh
European Collections
Evergreen Trail
Fir Collection
Firefly Pond
Forest Edge Loop
Forest Road
Forest Trail
Founder's Room
Four Columns
Fragrance Garden
Frost Hill
Geographic Trail
Ginkgo Collection
Ginkgo Gift Shop
Ginseng Family Collection
Godshalk Hall
Godshalk Meadow
Ground Cover Garden
Hawthorn Collection
Heath Family Collection
Hedge Collection
Hemlock Hill
Honeysuckle Family Collection
Illinois Trees Trail
Illinois Trees Trail
Illinois Trees Trail
Information Building
Iron Bridge
Japan Collection
Joy Path
Juniper Collection
Korea Collection
Lake Jopamaca
Lake Marmo
Lake Road
Larch Collection
Lilac Collection
Linden Collection
Magnolia Collection
Magnoliidae Collection
Maple Collection
Meadow Lake
Mountain Ash Collection
May T. Watts Reading Garden
Mulberry Family Collection
North Woods
Northern Illinois Collection
Oak Collection
Oakwood Drive
Oleaster Family Collection
Olive Family Collection
Ozark Area Trail
Ozarks Collection
Pacific Northwest Collection
Park Boulevard
Pea Family Collection
Pear Collection
Perennial Gardens
Pine Collection
Pine Hill
Plains Collection
Plant Clinic
Plum and Cherry Group
Poplar Collection
Prairie Trail
Puffer Lake
Research Center
Ridge Road
Rockies Collection
Rose Collection
Rose Family Collection
Round Meadow Lane
Route 53
Rue Family Collection
Sand Beds
Saxifrage Family Collection
Schulenberg Prairie
Shrub Collection
Simonds Road
Slusser Road
South Farm
Southwest United States Collection
Spikerush Marsh
Spruce Collection
Spruce Hill
Sterling Morton Library
Sterling Pond
Sunfish Pond
Thornhill Drive
Thornhill Education Center
Thornhill Trail
Arboretum Bodies of Water
Arboretum Buildings and Structures
Arboretum Collections
Arboretum Residential Housing
Arboretum Residential Housing
Arboretum Landmarks
Map Stations
Arboretum Parking
Parking Lot 01 (P1)
Parking Lot 03 (P3)
Parking Lot 04 (P4)
Parking Lot 05 (P5)
Parking Lot 05A (P5A)
Parking Lot 06 (P6)
Parking Lot 08 (P8)
Parking Lot 09 (P09)
Parking Lot 09A (P9A)
Parking Lot 12 (P12)
Parking Lot 14 (P14)
Parking Lot 15 (P15)
Parking Lot 16 (P16)
Parking Lot 17 (P17)
Parking Lot 18 (P18)
Parking Lot 19 (P19)
Parking Lot 20 (P20)
Parking Lot 20A (P20A)
Parking Lot 21 (P21)
Parking Lot 22 (P22)
Parking Lot 23 (P23)
Parking Lot 23A (P23A)
Parking Lot 24 (P24)
Parking Lot 25 (P25)
Parking Lot 26 (P26)
Parking Lot 27 (P27)
Parking Lot 02 (P2)
Parking Lot 07 (P7)
Parking Lot 10 (P10)
Parking Lot 11 (P11)
Parking Lot 13 (P13)
Arboretum Roads
Arboretum Trails/Walking Paths
Tree Evaluation Plot
Viburnum Collection
Visitor Center
Walnut Family Collection
Western North America Collection
Wild Garden
Willow Collection
Willoway Brook
Witch Hazel Collection
Yew Collection
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