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The Stylish House: 1906 to 1931

35mm color slide
Digitization Status
2.3 cm W x 3.4 cm H (Item)
1 slide
Photographic image
A version of an illustration from Reading the Landscape, Chapter 13: "The Stylish House or Fashions as an Ecological Factor," depicting a home and its landscaped yard. This illustration shows the view of the house and yard during the early 20th century.

Text and images from top to bottom, left to right:
  • Theodore and Elizabeth / and / Kathryn Jane / John Edward / and / Scotty
  • 1906 to / 1931 [sketch of a piano with a vase of flowers on top of a piano shawl]
  • [drawing showing a bird's-eye view of the house and grounds, including the neighboring house and yard, with the following plants and trees labeled:]
    • Golden / Bantam corn
    • New Zealand / spinach
    • hen and chickens / yellow alyssum / phlox subulata 
    • pinks
    • Lombary / poplars
    • regal lilies / delphiniums / madonna lilies / rosy morn perunias
    • white birch
    • Spiraea / Van Houttei
    • mountain ash
  • [sketches of a vase, a light fixture, and a plant stand to the right of the illustration]