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Education Program Guide team, BP sponsorship

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The Morton Arboretum Education Program Guide team with Vice Chairman of BP, Steve Elbert, in the Founder's Room following a $1 million grant from the BP Foundation to endow the Arboretum's youth science programs.

Front row, Left to Right 
April Sedall, Sandy Perkins, Craig Johnson, Barb Vrchota, Keith Anderson, Pat Elliot, Debbie Russell, Camille Grabski, Jill Lexier, Jennifer VanDerMolen

Back row, Left to Right 
Gerry Donnelly (The Morton Arboretum President & CEO), DeeAnn Crabill, Mary Toohey, Edye Wolf, Heather Schultz (Jurinek), Lynn Herman, Steve Elbert (Arboretum Trustee & Vice Chairman of BP), Becky Kirsh, Kathleen Simko, Jean Savage, Lyn Myers, John Silady, Debbie Pasquesi, Jan Little, Clem Hamilton (Vice President of Arboretum Programs)
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Donnelly, Gerard T. (depicts)
Johnson, Craig B. (depicts)
Myers, Lyn (depicts)
Sedall, April (depicts)
Perkins, Sandy (depicts)
Vrchota, Barb (depicts)
Anderson, John Keith (depicts)
Elliot, Pat (depicts)
Russell, Debbie (depicts)
Grabski, Camille (depicts)
Lexier, Jill (depicts)
VanDerMolen, Jennifer (depicts)
Crabill, DeeAnn (depicts)
Toohey, Mary (depicts)
Wolf, Edythe (depicts)
Jurinek, Heather (depicts)
Herman, Lynn (depicts)
Kirsh, Becky (depicts)
Simko, Kathleen (depicts)
Savage, Jean (depicts)
Silady, John (depicts)
Pasquesi, Debbie (depicts)
Little, Jan (depicts)
Hamilton, Clem (depicts)
Founder's Room (is related to)
Elbert, Stephen A. (depicts)
Vrchota, Barbara (is related to)
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