Fahey, Bob

Coastal Pines Tree Cores

Data are in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (both .xlsx and .csv) and Tucson Decadal formatted files (.rwl), which can be read by a number of programs including MeasureJ2X, Tellervo, R, and text editors.
Date created
2011 – 2012
The dataset includes tree cores from approximately 500 trees from eight sites around Lakes Michigan and Superior. Annual growth increments were measured to 0.001 mm using a Velmex stage micrometer and Metronics Quick-Check 4100.
Appeared In
Fahey, R. T. (2014). Composition, structure, and trajectories of Great Lakes coastal pine forests in relation to historical baselines and disturbance history. The American Midland Naturalist, 172(2), 285-302.
Subject - keywords and LC headings
Forest dynamics
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