Rollinson, Christine R.

Timing of stem growth for Oaks from around the world

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2010 – 2018
Dendrometer band installation was performed by Rollinson and Duckett, and monitoring will be performed by these two along with volunteers. Installation protocols can be found here.  Monitoring will be conducted once per week, year-round on 32 oak trees in The Morton Arboretum Oak Collection. Diameter at breast height (DBH) and circumference are measured at the time of dendrometer installation, and the weekly measurements will show the increase in circumference over time, which may be converted to diameter if necessary. Trees were selected that were native to the Chicago area of Illinois, were accessioned before the year 2000 so they would be large enough to install dendrometer bands, and had at least three individuals fitting the first two criteria. The English oak, Quercus robur, was also included.
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