Scharenbroch, Bryant C.

A meta-analysis of studies published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry relating to organic materials and impacts on soil, tree, and environmental properties

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Organic materials are commonly used in urban landscapes to improve soil quality and tree health. Literature reviews suggest that the effects of organic materials are beneficial, but these impacts have yet to be evaluated using meta-analytical approach. This work pres- ents a literature summary of 176 articles published in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry (AUF) and evaluates 33 of these papers using a meta-analysis. Research relevant to this topic is not published solely in AUF, but the meta-analysis is limited to AUF in an attempt to specif- ically focus on the information provided to AUF readers. This meta-analysis provides evidence of the mostly positive impacts organic ma- terials have on shoot growth, root growth, tree physiology, and soil physical properties. It also identifies specific gaps in AUF literature for the effects organic materials have on soil chemical, soil biological, and environmental (e.g., climate, competition) properties. Further, this me- ta-analysis suggests the type of organic material and the mode of application have differential effects on tree, soil, and environmental properties.
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35, 5, 221-231
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