Watson, Gary W.
Kupkowski, G.
Cave, Joseph
Prichard, Mark
Dwyer, John F.

Urban Forestry Laboratory Exercises for Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Date created
The curriculum in this program has been developed for the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Each level builds on the other, and forms a "thread of skills" that are upgraded at each level. The program is divided into two components. The first component is for the development of a school arboretum, tree walk, and herbarium. The second component of the program is an ability tiered curriculum presented in the form of student laboratory exercises and accompanying teachers' guides. Extrapolations called "blowouts" for each exercise are noted, including a bibliography and source notation. The guide has five areas of activity: (1) tree identification and inventory; (2) characteristics of trees; (3) soil conditions for trees; (4) condition of trees; and (5) tree care and planting. An appendix with additional or summative type activities is included. These appended activities can be used by schools, park districts, after hour's science clubs, gardening clubs, and state and local conservation programs. (DDR)