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Tree & Shrub Handbook: Selection, Care, Pests, Diseases

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In 1994, under the guidance of Morton Arboretum researcher Dr. Gary Watson, and with support from the USDA Forest Service, The Morton Arboretum published the Tree Care Guide Handbook as an easy, practical guide. In 1999, we expanded the guide's emphasis to include shrubs and other plants, and retitled it in the Tree & Shrub Handbook. The handbook is popular with homeowners, horticulturists, arborists, landscapers, and others who appreciate its application to Midwest landscapes. The second edition enhances the handbook's scope even more by adding 16 new titles on plant selection, care, pests, and diseases. 

Much of the handbook's information reflects the Arboretum's research and horticulture experience, as well as the expertise, as well as the expertise of our research and green industry colleagues in the Midwest and around the globe.
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TMA Records Box 110