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Hagstrom, John

Arabis drummondii A. Gray (Drummond's rockcress), flowers

digital color photograph
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Photographic image
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2005 – 2012
Arabis drummondii A. Gray (Drummond's rockcress), also called Boechera stricta, woodland wildflower, image shows stalk of pinkish purple flowers, loose elongating raceme at the top of the plant and sometimes arising from upper leaf axils, flowers are 1/3-1/2" across with 4 narrow spreading petals and 6 yellow-tipped stamens, petal color is usually white but occasionally lavender, surrounding the flower are 4 erect hairless sepals half or so as long as the petals oblong-elliptic with rounded tips light green with white edging, flowers are mostly erect on slender hairless stalks up to about 3/4" long, basal leaves are 3" long and 3/8" wide spatula shaped widest above the middle tapering to a slender stalk with edges toothless or with small sharply pointed teeth and may be fringed with sparse hairs sometimes just along the stalk, stem leaves are erect 3" long narrowly lance-oblong hairless mostly toothless or rarely with a few teeth blunt to pointed at the tip stalkless and with 2 lobes at the base (auricles) up to 1/8" long, leaves are usually crowded near the base and more widely spaced above, stems are single or a few from the base mostly smooth but may have sparse 2-rayed hairs at the base green or green tinged purple or dark purple