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Hagstrom, John

Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. (hairy rockcress), flowers

digital color photograph
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Born digital
Photographic image
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2005 – 2012
Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. (hairy rockcress), woodland wildflower, image shows tiny four-petaled white flowers, biennial 30" tall bearing terminal clusters of white flowers on leafy finely haired stems with basal leaves, flowers are 3/16" long with 4 spreading petals, sepals (4) are half the length of the petals, stamens are 6 and two are shorter than other four, ovary is superior with 1 pistil and a short style, fruit is a 2" long flat pod erect long stalked, seeds are winged and in one row, basal leaves are 3/4" long elliptical branched hairs toothed and blunt tips, stem leaves are smaller and they clasp the stem widely spaced toothed sessile and alternate