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Hagstrom, John

Euphorbia corollata L. (flowering spurge), flowers

digital color photograph
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Born digital
Photographic image
Date created
2005 – 2012
Euphorbia corollata L. (flowering spurge), image shows plant form, erect perennial 12-40" tall that arises from a deep root and having a milky sap, stem is smooth to coarsely hairy and multi-branched above (like an umbel or panicle), stem leaves below the branching are alternate linear to elliptic 1-2.5" long, leaves just below the primary branches are similar but whorled, small *flowers terminate the many branches forming a loose cyme that may be 12" across, the *flower cups have conspicuous white *petals (appendages)
* several male flowers surround a single female flower forming a cup-like inflorescence called the cyathium that simulates a single flower but mostly is not showy