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Hagstrom, John

Hibiscus 'Luna White' (Luna White Hibiscus), close-up of flower

digital color photograph 
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2004 – 2012
Hibiscus 'Luna White' (Luna White Hibiscus), showy, dinner plate-sized, hollyhock-like flowers, individual flowers last only 1-2 days but new flowers open each day in rapid succession over a long July to September bloom period, at the peak of bloom a large plant can produce 20 or more flowers per day, are among the largest flowers produced by any perennial that is winter hardy to this area, alternate, broad-ovate to lanceolate leaves (3-8” long) with toothed margins are green above and white-hairy beneath, leaves are lobeless or have 3-5 shallow lobes, Luna White is a compact F1 hybrid cultivar which grows to 2-3’ tall, each flower (6-8” diameter) features five overlapping white petals, prominent and showy creamy white to pale yellow central staminal column