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Hagstrom, John

Anemone tomentosa (Maxim.) C. P’ei (wooly anemone), leaves

Photographic image
Date created
2005 – 2012
Anemone tomentosa (Maxim.) C. P’ei (wooly anemone), also commonly called Japanese anemone or windflower, a vigorous fibrous-rooted perennial that provides a late summer to early fall bloom (August to October) of showy slightly cup-shaped pale pink flowers 2-3” dia. with darker rose shadings and a ring of yellow center stamens, foliage is mostly basal and typically grows in a spreading mound to 2' tall with wiry-but-graceful flower stems rising above the foliage in late summer to 3-4' tall, flowers have 5 or 6 tepals, basal leaves are palmate medium green, stem leaves are white and have cotton-like wool on the undersides, leaf scapes are also woolly