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Hagstrom, John

Rubus odoratus L. (purple-flowering raspberry), close-up of flowers

digital color photograph 
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2005 – 2012
Rubus odoratus L. (purple-flowering raspberry), native of Eastern North America, a deciduous coarse suckering shrub with cane-like stems which typically grows 3-6' tall and spreads 6-12' wide, one of the best of the ornamental raspberries because of its rose-like fragrant 2" wide rose-purple flowers which appear over a long summer bloom period, leaves are palmate 5-lobed maple-like medium green 4-10" wide, this shrub has hairy stems but virtually no prickles, flowers are in small clusters borne at the branch tips 5 petals are rose-purple obovate 0.6-1.0" long, flowers give way to 3/4" diameter cup-shaped red fruits (raspberries) which are edible but somewhat dry crumbly and unappetizing, sometimes commonly called thimbleberry (though this common name is usually more appropriate for the similar but white-flowered Rubus parviflorus of the West)