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Hagstrom, John

Spiraea tomentosa var. rosea (Raf.) Fern. (hardhack), leaves

digital color photograph
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Photographic image
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2005 – 2012
Spiraea tomentosa var. rosea (Raf.) Fern. (hardhack), wetland wildflower, low shrub to 3' tall with upright branches and long strands of cobwebby hairs lying against the smaller twigs, leaves are closely spaced alternate and mostly upright or ascending with the lower surface of each leaf being hidden by a dense mat of tangled pale or tan hairs, flowers grow in pyramid-shaped branched clusters at the tips of the branches, branch base in the cluster is a small narrow-pointed tan hairy bract, flowers are 3/16" wide having 5 small hairy sepals and 5 small rose-pink rounded papery petals that taper to narrow bases, stamens are numerous pale to pink