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Hagstrom, John

Populus maximowiczii Henry (Japanese poplar), close-up of leaves

digital color photograph 
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Born digital
Photographic image
Date created
2004 – 2012
Populus maximowiczii Henry (Japanese poplar), large tree up to 100' high in the wild, bark is smooth and yellowish on young trees becoming grey and deeply fissured on the trunks of old trees, stems terete downy green tinged with brownish red on the exposed side, leaves on the long shoots broad-elliptic, 3-5" long 3-4" wide rounded to slightly cordate at the base apex very abruptly narrowed to a plicate cusp which points downward out of the plane of the leaf and often slightly to one side as well, leaves are slightly leathery vivid green dullish reticulate above whitish beneath veins and veinlets finely downy on both surfaces margins bluntly toothed ciliate, petioles on the long shoots about 3/4" long