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Laikre, Linda
Hoban, Sean M.
Bruford, Michael W.
Segelbacher, Gernot
Allendorf, Fred W.
Gajardo, Gonzalo
Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Antonio
Hedrick, Philip W.
Heuertz, Myriam
Hohenlohe, Paul A.
Jaffé, Rodolfo
Johannesson, Kerstin
Liggins, Libby
MacDonald, Anna J.
Orozco-terWengel, Pablo
Reusch, Thorsten B.H.
Rodríguez-Correa, Hernando
Russo, Isa-Rita M.
Ryman, Nils
Vernesi, Cristiano

Post-2020 goals overlook genetic diversity

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Letter to Science Magazine that expresses concern that global genetic biodiversity goals have focused on agrobiodiversity (e.g. crops) for the past several decades.  The letter, as well as the news coverage, suggest new focus on genetic diversity, adaptive capacity, and resilience in all wild species as well as domestic. Species long term survival as well as ecosystem resilience depends on genetic diversity, especially during climate change. The letter provides concrete and practical suggestions for a goal and for indicators for within-species biodiversity.
Volume, Issue, Page Number
367, 6482, 1083-1085