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Godshalk, Clarence E.

1947/01/08: C. E. Godshalk to Jean Cudahy

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January 8 1947
Letter from C. E. Godshalk to Jean Cudahy telling her that the classes at the Arboretum are being well-attended: 43 in Mrs. Watt's class, 51 for Mr. Nordine's class, and 68 projects signed up for the landscape class. The attendees are so enthusiastic it is gratifying to help them. Mr. and Mrs. Hinds of Glen Ellyn had asked if they could take wood from the Arboretum's limb wood pile for students at the Art Institute. A student named Eldon Danhausen won the $2000 Art Institute Travelling Fellowship for a year's study in France with a carving from a piece of the Arboretum's limb wood. He shares the schedule Mrs. Watt's would like to follow for her upcoming trip. He has sent it to Mr. Parmelee. If Mrs. Cudahy would like to cut out any part of the trip, it will be done. He had a talk with Judge Knoc[k] with respect to Mr. Henderson's zoning law violation. The judge told him he was unable to discuss the matter with him, and he didn't see how the Arboretum could do much in the way of testimony since the case didn't affect it. Godshalk plans to talk to Mr. Baker about the matter. Mrs. Culbertson and two other members of the Glencoe Garden Club spoke to Godshalk about the possibility of the Arboretum providing plants for the club to test in their lakeside county, as the plants the Arboretum generally grows do not do well in their conditions. Godshalk thinks this is a good idea, but told the garden club members the matter would have to be referred to the Board. If Mrs. Cudahy thinks it is a good idea, he will send them some surplus plants this spring.
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