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Naser, Evelyn M.

1965/10/06: [Evelyn Naser] to Suzette Morton Zurcher

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October 6 1965
Letter from [Evelyn Naser] to Suzette Morton Zurcher updating her about events around the Arboretum. It rained all day the day of the Fall Festival. Even so, the Festival was a success with about 600-700 people attending. The Tea Room served 150 for lunch, 70 for tea, and almost 300 for dinner. Naser suggests that they do not have the Fall Festival at the end of September because the auditors require an inventory count on October 1. They had to bring in staff to count early in the morning after the Festival. She suggests they do the Festival the third week in September. They are still working on getting a new water cooler; the one they wanted is no longer available. The Arboretum is starting to get quite busy. The Tea Room was swamped, and the slide shows were well-attended. The fall color is coming in good. The boss is back, returning several days early due to rain. Carol is getting settled in her new home, and she helped Marlie move. Martin Anderson is in Florida on vacation, and Walter is in the process of building a small summer house in Michigan. She is enclosing a copy of a rather dizzy letter from a man who attended their beef stew dinner that gave them a good laugh.
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Fall Festival
Ginkgo Tea Room