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Godshalk, Clarence E.

1950/01/27: C. E. Godshalk to Jean Morton Cudahy

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January 27 1950
Letter from C. E. Godshalk to Jean Morton Cudahy asking her if there are others she would like to send the Rhododendron seeds to. The original list was lost. He remembered the Seattle Arboretum, Golden Gate Park, and C. F. Wedell of the State Institute of Applied Agriculture at Farmingdale, New York. The weather has been so mild that some of the crocuses are blooming. It keeps them guessing on how to protect the tree peony. Mrs. Steeger of the New York Botanical Garden was in Chicago and called to ask if they could reprint some of the information contained in the Arboretum's Bulletin. She was disappointed she was unable to visit the Arboretum, but plans to do so in the future. They have drawn up a new set of by-laws for the AABGA and have prepared a sample newsletter. He would be glad of any comments Mrs. Cudahy would like to make about them. Mr. Bartsch and Mr. Carroll were out to look over the work on the floor of the hall at Thornhill. Mr. Bartsch approved the work and offered some suggestions. Godshalk showed them the cracking and loosening stucco around the top of the library wing. Bartsch said it should be repaired when the weather permits, so Godshalk arranged with Carroll to make the necessary repairs. He hasn't been up to see Mark Morton since his last letter, but he says Mrs. Perrott would have called him if there had been any change in his condition.