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Godshalk, Clarence E.

1950/01/18: C. E. Godshalk to Jean Morton Cudahy

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January 18 1950
Letter from C. E. Godshalk to Jean Morton Cudahy saying he is happy the slides he sent are giving her so much pleasure. Godshalk thinks she will see from the air views why he enjoys flying over the Arboretum. He will record the Arboretum in various seasons from the air and send her the slides. The winter classes have started with between 180 and 200 students every Monday night. They could have filled the landscape class several times. One lady comes from Indiana--over 100 miles away. They have almost finished moving the trees with the frozen balls. The men from Carroll came and laid the stone in the hall of the Thornhill Building. Mr. Palm is coming out to look over the decorating work in the hall. Mark Morton is looking as well as he did early in the fall. Godshalk and Mrs. Godshalk visited his parents who are getting along well. They are getting much enjoyment from the puzzles Mrs. Cudahy sent. They have bred gilts to sell in February, but if other sales do not go well, they shall raise the pigs themselves. They may have an April sale. Mrs. Watts and Lowell are helping him get out the first AABGA newsletter.